A Gap called Life

We all begin in a safe place from which we are ejected into a gap called life - our first experience of which is loss. Driven by instinct we take in what we are offered and in doing so ignite our personal history. That history - and our continuing efforts to relate to ourselves and others - forms the core of contemporary analytic work and is revisited consciously and unconsciously in the narrative of our lives. Analytic work demands that we make time to not know, something interestingly counter-cultural in a western world predicated on certainty. The key concept, the creative heart of Jungian analysis and psychotherapy, is individuation - a lifelong, unconscious process of unpacking potential, described by the late Dr C-G Jung. In a very particular way, Jungian analytic work is forward looking: symptoms hold clue to their origins but also point towards recovery. For many, analysis is life changing: it animates, restores and releases us to be ourselves.